Accessorise the King - Clocks, Hats, Whitewalls, Drink Holders!

Every month or so we add some limited run funky accessories that we believe perfectly fit our Cooler King life. These are only items we love and use on our own Kings, not stuff we think we can just make a buck on! (We still haven't found pannier bags we absolutely love, so we haven't offered the shonky rubbish that salesfolk throw our way!). 

What has just arrived is our classic analogue timepiece, a dashboard delight, some handlebar heaven! These perfectly matched clocks are solid, chunky metal devices that fit in seconds (forgive the pun) to your Cooler King bars and look the nuts. You won't have to risk smashing your phone or losing your grip every time you want to check the time. We've priced them reasonably too at £16, less than a third of the price of the cheapest Swatch. 

Less solid and chunky (it's really squashy plastic!) is the handlebar drink holder. We're Cooler King riders. We're not going to have a branded sports bottle like the MMIL's drool over. We want something to hold our beer (0% - obviously), black coffee or just something to stuff our phone and keys into. So, we found this flexible (but robust) handlebar drink holder. It's less than a fiver and we only have five. (You can get the clock and the drink holder for about 1% of what you paid for the ebike!)
Every time Ian Wright posts his 'Family Thing' videos on Instagram and YouTube riding his custom 750ST, we get asked 'can I have whitewalls?' The answer is 'yes, you can'. Our last stock of Chaoyang whitewall's sold out in two days, so we've got Vee Zig-Zags in stock now. Made to fit your Cooler King rim, just whack these on and everyone will think you've got a new bike :D
We're not big on merch, we think it's a distraction, but celebrate our second year of being cool we produced 13 Cooler King caps (one for every ten bikes we've produced). There's still some left, if you're tired of people asking you "what type of bike is that?", just point to the embroidered badge and say nothing. 
We've also got new stock of two Lucky 8 Ball crash helmets and more goggles on the way... 
Check out what we have here: