Cooler Kub 750S - Small Footprint, Big Motor

After much kerfuffle and whatnot, the Cooler Kub 750S is finally heading our way. The bigger brother of the Cooler Kub 250S, this one is more or less the same, just quite a bit naughtier. 

Carrying a 750w Bafang motor in the rear hub, but with the same compact frame as the 250S it also has the dual battery option, same long rear seat and passenger foot pegs. Just now it gets up steep hills faster! 

The other small difference with the 750S is that is comes with Kenda Kraze 20x4.25 street tyres, with a greater surface area to apply all that grunt to the tarmac. 

Eighteen Cooler Kub 750S's will be available for delivery in January, so place your order here

* The Cooler Kub 750S may not be road legal in your territory, but it's possible the Cooler Kub 250S is. Consult your local road regulations if you are thinking of using any Cooler King 750w ebike on public roads.