Summer’s Coming - Let’s Surf Electric

For a year now we have been testing, testing and helping refine the fastest efoil on the planet, and here it is.

The NeptuneX efoil is available through Cooler King with a wider wing offering greater stability and for a lucky few there’s a Signature Edition in darkest black to match your Cooler King at home.
Piloting a hydrofoil can be an uplifting experience,  gliding in near silence above the waves. Fans of board sports who never foiled before will love the extra dimension that foiling adds. Instead of just heel, toe, left and right, efoiling adds an up and down aspect too.
How it works: The NeptuneX has a high power electric motor built into the base of the mast, powered by beast of a battery pack stored in the board and controlled by a Wifi enabled hand throttle. 
The hydrofoil lifts the board and rider at about 11km/h and you’re flying. It’s a skill to master, but after 20 minutes or so, you should have it. Lay on top, squeeze the trigger and off you go! Once you’ve stood up and have enough speed to fly, balance your weight between the front and back foot for a perfect ride. 
The battery pack is removable (for charging and replacing) and last for around two hours. It also takes around the same time to charge. So for all day, uninterrupted fun, a pair of batteries or a lunch break are recommended! 
More technical details can be found here
Want to know more, just ask us. 
Beautiful Photography by Helicam in Phuket, Thailand.