That Time We Did a Drag Race..

What happens when two bikes with the same 750 watt Bafang motor, but different executions on how to apply it to the surface meet in a drag race? We wondered that too. So we had it out on the track!

We put a Cooler Kub 750S against a Cooler King 750S Red Edition and then said "Go!"

In retrospect the losing ebike had a heavier rider and we probably should have addressed that on the day. Since then when a lighter rider swapped with a heavier one, the results were quite different!

And over a longer distance it was much more even too! So, the results weren't that scientific and we were having more fun riding bikes then adhering to scientific protocols it means we'll have to go out and do this all over again.

Ah well... check out the Cooler Kub 750S and Cooler King 750S Red Edition for yourself.