What's With The Numbered Editions?

We get asked this a lot, as it's so unusual for manufacturers in our industry to create such limited editions. Unlike the others though, we don't mass-produce or overcharge. 
We come into work after the weekend (at work!) and think, "wouldn't that look cool in orange". We send a couple of tanks to Marcus our paint guru and when they return we finish them and number them #01 and #02. Simple really when you consider that we are making premium electric bicycles in low volumes. And that's really how it works. In 2023 we created just three individually numbered bikes.
It all started with the First Fifty Cooler Kub 250S's, which were all numbered #01 - #50 in the first three colours made available, Burnt Orange #01 - #10, Deep Red #11 - #20 and JPS Gold #21 - #50. So, if you ordered #24 in JPS Gold, no one will ever have that one again. You are #24! 
We sold out of the first 80% pretty rapidly, but we are still eaking out the last few JPS Gold numbered editions. 
In 2023 we offered Tangerine Dream #01 and #02 which went to Amsterdam and Los Angeles respectively and Safari #01 that now lives in Wales. This year we have Cooler Kub 750S Tangerine Dream #03 and will create Safari #02 this Spring. And maybe there'll be a new colour coming soon. But that's genuinely how few we do. Just to keep it fun for ourselves. 
If you're looking for an individually numbered Cooler Kub, here's what we have: