About Cooler King

Cooler King's came about out of need and necessity. And hills.

When our founder Paul wanted a bike to climb the hills locally without breaking a sweat, every ebike he looked at looked like it was ready to collect soup and cornflakes from the local Tesco. Not cool. He wanted something that looked a little sharper, rode a little faster and didn't fold up 'for convenience'. No one could offer it. So, he set about sourcing a hot frame and the best components, and that created a King. No design committee or marketing consultants analysing the demographic, just a bloke that knew what he wanted. And soon other blokes like him who knew what they wanted said "I want one like that" and a business was born. 

Our bikes are designed in London, assembled in Asia with the best international components (not far from where your iPhone and every euro-bound Tesla are made), they're tested in Spain and Thailand and delivered internationally. 

With a Cooler King ebike you will always get top grade, branded components, solid build quality and a very personal service. Not everyone can promise that. 

We're just a small band of enthusiasts, passionate about what we do and loving every minute of it, and you will too. 

Our Founder, Paul. Doing what he loves.