NEW MODEL: Introducing the Cooler Kub 250S

One of the most asked requests we get is "can I get a Cooler King with a 250 watt motor?" and the regular answer we give is, "No. No you can't". 

The full size King doesn't work well with just 250 watts (imagine skin versus rice pudding). But that shouldn't rule out a 250 in our range - just not one with 26 inch wheels and nearly 40 kilos of body to fling around. So, we set about developing the Cooler Kub. (This is not be confused with the 2019 Cooler Cub Red Edition, a 250w mini-bike on a common rigid frame that we customised and produced just five of - the new Cooler Kub with a 'K' is an original from the ground up).

With the 2021 Cooler Kub we started with a blank page and a clear vision. To make a lighter, shorter wheelbase ebike, with 250 watts of **street legal power, 20 inch wheels on fat 4 inch tyres, detachable batteries, exceptionally long range using two batteries and of course keeping the Cooler King aesthetic that still makes our perfect commuter bike look like it's ready to jump a barbed wire fence to freedom! 

These parameters included front and rear suspension, with a coil over set up at the back shocks at the front and a battery that you can charge under your desk to take full advantage of all that free power going to waste at work! We've included an LED rear and brake light and also rear indicators. And the comfy two person saddle and passenger foot pegs means that friends are welcome.

The initial first run of Cooler Kub 250S's are available in three colours and they're all individually numbered, from #01 to #50. We call them 'THE FIRST FIFTY'.

The frame is matt black, the tank is satin black and the decals are Burnt Orange, Deep Red or JPS Gold (and you know we mean by that!). 

#01 to #10 are Burnt Orange

#11 to #20 are Deep Red

#21 to #50 are JPS Gold

To learn more about the Cooler Kub 250S, click here

* Photos in this article are of the prototype Cooler Kub 250S, production models will vary, not least in the inclusion of more practical mudguards.

** The 250W motor of the Cooler Kub 250S is road legal in many territories, but check your local regulations first if you are intending to use a Kub on public highways.