Red Editions, Black Editions, ST8's and Cycle to Work

It's officially the start of summer and we have fresh new stock arriving this week. 

We have 8x 750S Red Editions,
7x 750ST8's
and just 5x of the ever popular 750S Black Edition (formerly the 750WS).
In July and August we have new Cooler Kubs arriving and we've added more ways to, with four partners now for more choice when purchasing a Cooler Kub 250S with the UK government Cycle to Work Scheme, adding Green Commute Initiative and Cycle Solutions to and Bike 2 Work Scheme
If you're reading this from outside the UK, we are also now holding stock in EU and US, with Kubs, 750SX and Cafe Kings at our warehouses in Germany and the Netherlands for delivery all over Europe and a limited number of the Cooler Kub 750S are now available in the USA. 
Summer's looking good!